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"It is not about winning but about participating!" said Leif,
who became no. 9 at the Danish Championship in Blind Tasting!
Other News:

Leif was in Oman in November 2018.

Click on the picture of the camel if you
would like seeing some of Leif's photos.
We visited Macedonia in September 2018.

Together with three friends we spent a week in Macedonia.
Click on the picture of Alexander the Great
if you would like seeing some of our photos.
In August 2018 we went to Siberia and Mongolia.

If you would like seeing how Siberia and Mongolia looks like
then click on the picture of Genghis Khan!

Jonathan has become a student.

Our grandchild, Jonathan,
became a student June 26.
We spent our summer holidays in St. Cyprien in France this year, (as usual)!
In May we travelled around in the Baltic countries.

Click on the picture of Leif drinking a Latvian beer!
We have been on a trip to England.

We have been five days in Manchester in April 2018 visiting Karen's cousin.
We have been in Malta!

Click on the picture of the watch tower for
seeing some of our photos from Malta.
We have also been in Russia sailing on Volga and Don!

Click on the Lenin logo for seeing extracts of what we have seen.
2017 we spent our winter holidays
in the Dominican Republic!

Click on the picture from the beach
for seeing our impressions.
In September 2016 we visited Canada!

Click on the Canadian flag for seeing
some of our pictures from Canada.
We have been at Madagascar!
Click on the picture of the lemur for seeing some of our pictures from Madagascar.
In January 2016 we were in Japan.
We travelled around in 10 degrees centigrade
below zero watching monkeys and birds!

Click on the picture of the monkey for
seeing some of our pictures from Japan.


We have uploaded our genealogical
tables to the internet.
Click on the picture of the Nielsen
Family for seeing (some of)
Karen's genus,
or click on Leif's first genealogical table from 1961
for seeing (some of) Leif's genus.

Note: The tables are only in the Danish language!


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