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In September 2017 we were on a river cruise i Russia.

We sailed from Moscow through the Moscow River, Moscow Canal and Volga River to Astrakhan at The Caspian Sea.
Hereafter we sailed back to Volgograd from where we sailed through the Volga-Don Canal and into River Don.
By River Don we sailed to Rostov at the Sea of Azov.

On this web page we show you some pictures from our tour.

Click on the pictures for seeing them in full size.
The Red Square The Red Square
Lenin's Mausoleum Cleaning of The Red Square
The Historical Museum St. Basil's Cathedral
The department store 'GUM' Entrance to Kremlin Government building in Kremlin Uspenskij Cathedral, Kremlin
Cathedral of the Annunciation
and the Facetted Palace
The Tsar Bell, Kremlin The Tsar Cannon, Kremlin Moscow University
M/S Kandinsky Church of St. Dmitry on the Blood The Transfiguration Cathedral Uglich Kremlin
Bell player Karen buying almonds Russian bear on
the pedestrian street
Chapel of Alexander Nevsky
Millenium Park Assumption Cathedral Church of St. Elias The Church of St. Elias,
Nizhny Novgorod
Nizhny Novgorod The Chkalov Staircase The Stroganoff Church St. Michael's Cathedral
The Eternal Flame for the fallen
during The Great Patriotic War
View from Niszny Novgorod Kremlin Romanov bank
Kul Sharif Mosque Interior of Kul Sharif The Annunciation Cathedral The leaning Tower and the
presidential palace of Tatarstan
The National Theatre Street view Entrance to Stalin's bunker 37 m below ground
The Holy Trinity Cathedral The Holy Trinity Cathedral,
Monument for
The Great Patriotic War
View of Saratov
The cruise terminal Volgograd seen from Volga View over Volga The only house from before 1943
The museum for
"The Battle of Stalingrad"
Monument for
The Great Patriotic War
The Eternal Flame for the fallen
during The Great Patriotic War
Sentry replacement
The Russian war cemetery for the fallen at the Battle of Stalingrad The German war cemetery The museum at the cemetery
Astrakhan Kremlin Interior of the
Uspenskij Cathedral
Enrollment of new
military cadets
The Holy Trinity Cathedral
Fish market Street view from Astrakhan A typical merchant's house The merchant and his wife
Views from Volga
View from Volga View from Volga Cruise ship on Volga Flooded village
Lock View from Volga Local ferry boat Anglers
Rostov-on-Don Monument for the fallen during the Great Patriotic War The railway company's
administration building
The Armenian Church in Rostov "Father Don" Abandoned industry buildings The boardwalk in Rostov-on-Don
Views from Don
View from Don View from Don Anglers Heavy traffic on the river
Entering a lock Leaving a lock Nuclear power station Tanker


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Last updated 17. October 2017

Photos: © Leif Høxbroe 2017