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We visited eastern Siberia and Mongolia in August 2018.
First we spent some days in Irkutsk and at Lake Baikal.
From Irkutsk we went by the Trans-Siberian railroad to
Ulan Ude and continued with the Trans-Mongolian railroad
to Ulan Bator.
After a couple of days in Ulan Bator we went to two ger-camps:
Terelj and Khustain.

You can see some of our pictures from our tour on this web page.
Click on the pictures for seeing them in full size.

The heraldic symbol of Irkutsk
The Spasskaya church The Spasskaya church, interior The cathedral of the Epiphany,
Sobor Bogoyavlensky
The Kazan church The Kazan church, interior The eternal Flame
for the unknown soldier
House of Europe,
protected Siberian wooden house
Count Volkonsky's house Homemade bread The town district 130 Kvartal. Renovated, reconstructed or relocated
traditional Siberian wooden houses
Meat counter at the food market The outdoor museum Taltsy,
traditional Siberian wooden houses from the 20th. century
Folk music
Lake Baikal
View of Lake Baikal Lake Baikal Tourboat on Lake Baikal Sailing on Lake Baikal
Sailing on Lake Baikal Baikal Seals (Pusa sibirica) Leif in Lake Baikal Omul (Coregonus migratorius)
Food market in Listvyanka Dried omul Fruit stand Pomegranate
The Trans-Sibirian Railroad
Irkutsk railway station Boarding in Irkutsk Karen on board Siberian landscape
Siberian landscape Siberian town Stop in Ulan Ude Siberian village
Siberian village Siberian landscape Siberian village Stop in Nauschki
Mongolian countryside
Mongolian landscape Nomad settlement Mongolian domestic horses
(Equus caballus)
Mongolian horses
with shepherd on motor bike
The ger camp Terelj Our tent Camels (Camelus bactrianus) Yak (Bos grunniens)
Old wooden bridge Mongolian river Mongolian landscape Siberian edelweiss
(Leontopodium palibinianum)
Mongolian wild flowers Demoiselle Cranes (Grus virgo) Siberian Marmot
(Marmota sibirica)
Black-eared Kite (Milvus lineatus) Przewalski Horse
(Equus przewalskii)
White-backed Woodpecker
(Dendrocopos leucotos)
(Sciurus vulgaris)
Visiting a nomad family Domestic goats (Capra hircus) Our tent in Khustain ger camp
Ovos, holy cairns Aryabal monastery A modern Mongolian village Equestrian statue of Genghis Khan
Ulan Bator
View of Ulan Bator View of Ulan Bator The Korean Buddha Ulan Bator by night
Street views from Ulan Bator Skeleton of Tarbosaurus baatar Sukhbaatar Square
Genghis Khan Equestrian statue of Sukhbaatar Hotel "Blue Sky" Choijin Lama temple museum
View from Choijin Lama
temple complex
Choijin Lama temple, detail The Gandan monastery View from the Gandan monastery
The Gandan temple The Gandan temple, interior The golden statue of
The Gandan temple, interior
Prayer wheels Prayer wheels Family portrait Mongolian barbecue


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Last updated 8. October 2018

Photos: © Karen & Leif Høxbroe 2018