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  October 2023 we went on a trip to Jordan together with two
of our grandchildren.

After a 24-hours' delay including one night stayover at Hotel
Clarion in Kastrup in Copenhagen, we went via Istanbul to Amman.
We drove around by bus and visited many interesting locations,
primary in the northern part of Jordan but of course we also visited Petra.

Some of our pictures are shown on this home page.
Click on the individual pictures, for seeing them in full size.

Ajloun Forest Reserve View over Ajloun Forest Reserve Victor & Iben
Hungry tourists Lunch is being prepared Galayet bandora Lunch has been served
Ajloun Castle, exterior Ajloun Castle, interior
In front of the Ajloun Castle View from Ajloun Castle A local tourist
Emperor Hadrian's gate Forum romanum Iben & Victor
Spectators Jordanian musicians in the Roman theatre
Qasr Amra
The hunting seat of Qasr Amra Antic frescos inside the hunting seat of Qasr Amra
Qasr al Qaran
Qasr al Qaran caravansery Qasr al Qaran Qasr al Qaran
Court yard in Qasr al Qaran Antic graffiti
As Salt
City view from As Salt Street bazaar, Suq, in As Salt
View from the street bazaar, the suq, in As Salt
The Madaba map Eating again! And a little more!
Dead Sea
Happy bathers Victor Iben
Floating grandchildren Mud bath at the Dead Sea
Lunch time again!
How to serve maqluba (= upside down)
Iben met a playmate The gorge to Petra Our guide, Fahad, explaining Heavy traffic on the road to Petra
The gorge to Petra Victor & Iben The gorge to Petra First glimpse of the treasury
The Treasury Camel-hire service View from Petra View from Petra
View from Petra View from Petra Forces of Law and Order Victor took a selfie


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Last updated 10. November 2023

Photos: © Karen &: Leif Høxbroe 2023