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The first Danish stamp, 1851


The stamp was invented in England and introduced in the same country in 1840. During the following 10-20 years most other countries had introduced stamps and soon people started to collect stamps. Today philately is widespread and is the most popular hobby in the world. I have been collecting stamps more or less seriously since 1955. I collect all the Nordic countries, England, Ireland and Germany with German territories.

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Faroe Islands 1985

Denmark 1962

See my Greenlandic stamps

Faroe Islands 1985 Denmark 1962 Greenland 1991

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Iceland 1967 Danish West India 1908 Finland 1976


Norway 1938

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Sweden 1958

Norway 1938 Hobbies can be combined.
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Sweden 1958


See my Bavarian stamps

Germany 1905

Germany 1952

Bavaria 1911 Germany 1905 Germany 1952

England 1951

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Ireland 1971

England 1951   Ireland 1971

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